Saigon 2014

Day 1 11/5-6

Saigon Day 1

I’m very fortunate that my work has taken me to all kinds of interesting places like different parts of聽Europe, Japan, India, and Australia. This trip to Vietnam may be one of the most interesting trips yet. Not knowing what to expect, I went with an open mind and and significant curiosity.

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How an inexpensive video can be your biggest asset


When I came across this article in Mashable, I had to confess I had never heard of this video. Probably because I’m no where near the target market for this product. Still, with a $6,000 investment this small unique business, that was being run out of an apartment, launched this video that went viral overnight and in just two months has close to 6 million views. According to the article, it speculated that this business, which is no longer buying supplies at Costco, is now being run out of a warehouse with distributors and is clocking 6 figures a month in sales!

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Contextual Moments

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With the proliferation of multiple devices and screen sizes, designing interfaces has become tricky to say the least. Gone are the days of simply dealing with multiple web browsers and versions. One of the greatest advances on this front is the concept of responsive design. Responsive leverages modern HTML and CSS standards to allow a web site to reconfigure the layout and its elements (like the navigation) to be optimized for the screen size it is being viewed on. Because of this, it is one of the most popular design trends right now.

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What is Ginger Beer?

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Recently a friend of mine told me that he was making homemade ginger beer and explained what that meant. You see, most ginger beer is not the true and authentic version of how it started almost 300 years ago in Great Britain. Real ginger beer comes from something known as the Ginger Beer Plant (GBP). Although it is not a plant as you would traditionally think about it, it does need constant feeding and continuously grows in size. This means as you make more ginger beer, you increase your capacity to make more, but the tradition is to hand down excess to people who are interested in making their own as it’s been done for 300 years now.

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Durango Saddlesore Ride

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I have been riding for about 6 years now. In that time, the longest trips I had taken were either a couple days here or a few days there, but usually within a few hundred miles of home and typically with at least one other person or a group up to 25 other riders. Up until a couple of years ago, I was strictly a sport bike or ST kind of guy. Then my friends got me back into dirt bike riding which I loved as a kid and really enjoy as an adult.

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