How an inexpensive video can be your biggest asset


When I came across this article in Mashable, I had to confess I had never heard of this video. Probably because I’m no where near the target market for this product. Still, with a $6,000 investment this small unique business, that was being run out of an apartment, launched this video that went viral overnight and in just two months has close to 6 million views. According to the article, it speculated that this business, which is no longer buying supplies at Costco, is now being run out of a warehouse with distributors and is clocking 6 figures a month in sales!

Of course the main character and actress of the video really made the execution a winner, but the concept and idea was the genesis. Taking the time to think about what you want to produce matters. Being creative matters. Being inspired by something else you saw is not stealing, it just helps kickstart the creative process.

This is also not the first video of this type to launch a business. This article in the New York Times talks about how the Dollar Shave Club did something similar and it is considered to be the primary reason the company became so successful overnight.



The follow up was even better…



As many people know, I’m the founder of a small coffee and tea bar in Tiburon, California and we are about to brainstorm our own promotional video and examples like this really set the bar. I’m looking forward to coming up with a great concept and of course will post it up here when it’s ready.