For almost 25 years I have had an on again and off again relationship with Photography. My first film camera was a Canon AE-1 in the early 80s and with that my interest grew primarily in fashion photography. That evolved into shooting several portfolios, some large on location shoots to small product shoots for an automotive magazine. As I apprenticed for a fashion photographer in Los Angeles, I eventually migrated into medium format photography using a Mamiya RB67 and also leveraged a Canon A1 with a motor drive which I have today.
Eventually the labor of processing film became too much and I gave it up. With the introduction of digital, I rediscovered the joy of photography. I now use a Canon 6D, 70D and some assorted lenses and flashes. I am currently focused on the creative and effective use of Speedlites by getting them off the camera and mixing softboxes and colored gells for effect. I now have a Rolleiflex TLR that I think is one of the most beautiful cameras from the past. Below are collections of some of my favorites and will continue to add as I progress.